Pitch Letter

Dear Children's Book Publishing Company,


How many hours do you spend on your cell phone? Your computer? Watching TV? On social media? Not an easy question to answer, is it? How many times do you turn on the bright LED light and flip through new (and old) text messages? How many times do you refresh your Facebook newsfeed? How many times do you fall asleep to the TV on?


Now let me give you a quick, little story. Last Thanksgiving, I witnessed my two-year-old cousin precisely navigate his way through an iPad and spend the evening watching a multitude of Nickoledon shows and other children's videos. This Thanksgiving, I watched as the same cousin, now three-years-old, completely rejected the new picture books that his grandparent's had bought for him as presents, and instead, begged his mother to play with her iPhone. This is what our youngest generation has come to. This is what I have feared. And I fear that it will only get worse. I even fear that there will come a time when books no longer exist. No child or adult will have use for them anymore- they've got everything they need on right there on the Internet.


That's why I am so passionate about this book I have created. I want to teach both our oldest generation and our youngest generation that we cannot allow our lives to be dictated by technology. There are too many special things that we lose when we do so, especially all of those little moments of laughing, playing, and socializing with the people around us, our family.


The title of this book is simple, Biscuit Wants to Play. And Biscuit, a cute, adorable, fun-loving puppy, is the protagonist of the story- who doesn't love a puppy? And although Biscuit cannot talk, the reader hears his thoughts and feelings through out the story. We learn that each family member is too busy with their technology and gadgets to play with Biscuit. Therefore, Biscuit comes up with a grand idea...You see, the Huffington Post (2012) found that, "If in some catastropiic event, they were to lose their device, 73% of people admit they would feel 'panicked'" and therefore, what better way to create chaos in the family then for Biscuit to hide all of their devices? Amidst all of the screaming and shouting, Brother suddenly realizes that something else is missing, as well: no barking, no noise...where's Biscuit?! Finally, the family finds Biscuit (along with their gadgets) outside and they decide to spend the rest of the evening playing altogether in the backyard, as a family.


Due to the fact that I am no professional artist, I sketched out each of the illustrations to the best of my ability. Within these sketches, I tried to include little details that adults may enjoy, even though it may go over a child's head.


Finally, in the future, I hope to create an entire Biscuit The Pup series, all with different lessons and tales for children to enjoy and read with their parents. I think that this could be a big hit and that Biscuit Wants to Play is the first to a very successful, puppy-loving series.




Niki Berman



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